Thursday, January 2, 2014

2014 and Beyond

We see 2014 as another blessed year full of unknown adventures, overflowing surprises and fulfilled aspirations. And I see my bucket list as a day-to-day guide and a reminder of my life’s purpose. For a life without purpose is not living, but walking dead. ^_^

I’m sharing with you my updated bucket list for 2014 and beyond. I hope it inspires you to make your list also and together let’s cross out the items one by one as we say “achievement unlocked!”

On Spirituality:
  1. Count thy blessings
  2. Pray more often
  3. Attend services regularly
  4. Always be thankful
  5. Celebrate life like there's no tomorrow
On Personal Order:
  1. Smile often
  2. Laugh more
  3. Think positive
  4. Read more books
  5. Spend lesser time on social media
  6. Care more
  7. Connect with family and friends as often as possible
  8. Meditate more
  9. Spend more time on self improvement
  10. Be more organized
On Health and wellness:
  1. Sleep early
  2. Exercise everyday
  3. Eat more fruits
  4. Drink more water
  5. Go outdoors
  6. Less on meat
  7. More on veggies
  8. Live simply
  9. Use time wisely
  10. Boost the energy
  11. Push thy self to exercise as often.
On Finance
  1. Set SMART goals
  2. Plan according to the goals (and achieve them)
  3. Be mindful
  4. Never stress thy self because of money
  5. Remember: A good relationship with peers is more important than having all the riches in the world
  6. Be considerate
  7. Have the "Every problem in the world has a solution" mentality

And to be able to achieve the things listed above, I have enumerated specific things that I will be crossing out as days pass by. Good luck to me. ^_^

1. Climb Philippines’ 5 peaks (Done with the following: 1. Mt Pulag 2. Mt. Apo 3. Mt Kitanglad)
2. Read 20 books in 1 year
3. Ride a Japanese bike
4. Frame my best shot
5. Go to Batanes
6. Go to Cagbalete
7. Go to Burot Beach
8. Update my ID’s and passport
9. Run 50Kms every month
10. Pedal 20Kms every month
11. Bake a cake/cupcake
12. Be able to plank for 60 seconds every other day
13. Loose 10lbs in 1 year
14. Experience a new culture
15. Witness a miracle
16. Cliff jump again and again
17. Learn a new language (basic “Hi” and “Hello” and “Good morning” etc)
18. Buy one high-end hand bag
19. Have a kitchen ala Master Chef
20. Experience a cruise
21. Record life events through blogging
22. Reconnect with old friends
23. Buy a brand new car
24. Learn a new dish every month
25. Drive from Manila to La Union
26. Get a facial every other month
27. File a vacation leave every 2 months
28. Rest adequately
29. Participate in an outreach every year
30. Survive a week without spending too much
31. Develop a new skill
32. Grow an herb every year and give as gift to friends (I currently have basil, rosemary, onion leaves and pandan)
33. Buy a new phone
34. Monitor our expenses on a daily basis
35. Start a business good enough for retirement
36. Donate blood
37. Enrol my child to be in a Medical Card.
38. Attend a breastfeeding seminar.
The following items were ideas picked from belle de jour 2014 planner. It’s such a cute idea to mark the things that are accomplished.

39. Give a beggar some food and smile at him.
40. Open a new Mutual Fund account and religiously put a constant amount for the next 12 months
41. List big goals you want to achieve in life
42. Dance in the rain with a joyful heart
43. Go parasailing
44. Sleep under a tree
45. Make special photo album of best memories
46. Take a birthday leave
47. Spend less time in facebook
48. Make my greeting cards and send them to love ones
49. Finish another 21km run

Since 2015 is already approaching, I copied some ideas from my belle de jour 2015 planner.

50. Take a workshop you've always wanted.
51. Eat vegetables with every meal.
52. Sponsor a child's tuition fee for a semester.
53. Send someone a postcard.
54. Tour an underground river.

I hope I can accomplish most of my goals this year. So help me God. ^_^

Things I have accomplished:
1. Travel to 3 different places in a year [a. Benguet b. La Union c. Bicol]
2. Pedal all the way to Jala-jala (from Taytay to Jala-jala)
3. Save and invest at least 50000 this year
4. Create ample amount of Emergency fund [A standby 50,000Php cash is a great start]
5. Go to Bicol
6. Learn how to drive – seriously
7. Get a driver’s license
8. Swim with a whale shark
9. See a sunflower plantation
10. Undergo a classroom training once a year.
11. Revisit the place where Paul and I got engaged
12. Donate old clothes to charity
13. Go on a joyride
14. Plant a vegetable in your backyard
15. Drink more water
16. Reduce my sugar intake

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