Wednesday, December 3, 2014

A Better Plan

We’ve been through a lot of changes this 2014 and I know there will be more to come on 2015.

First, our house helper will be coming on March (I hope) and I need to review the kasambahay law. I surely want to pay my kasambahay the right compensation and give her the right benefits so I am studying the law in order to give her what is due. On top of that, I also need to set up house rules for her to follow. I am not an expert on house rules because my husband and I live under unspoken house rules. If I am going to cook he will wash the dishes. If he did the cooking then I’ll be cleaning up. There’s this unspoken rule inside the house on what tasks belong to whom. That will change a little bit because of the house helper but definitely I am not going to leave all the chores to her. She’ll just be there to help us and not take over all the tasks.

Second, our little angel will be born on March. That being said spells a lot of adjustment in our time. Husband and wife time will be “child time” for a couple of months. Most of our friends (even my sister) told us that our sleeping patterns will change so better get lots of sleep while we can. We can’t actually do that today because we were used to sleeping late and me waking up early to prepare food for the day. Our weekends will be focused on Pediatrician schedule for check-ups, vaccinations etc. I just hope we can still go to nearby parks and UP grounds to get some fresh air.

Third, we are planning to breastfeed our baby because of the many benefits that it can give. Most of the testimonies say that breastfed babies have stronger immune system. Breastfeeding is a tough task for a working mom to be just like me. But it is tolerable since there is a Diana Room in our office where I can express milk and store in freezer. I will try to ask more questions when we attend a breastfeeding seminar in Medical City on the coming months.

Fourth, our priorities will change forever. It will not be just the two of us. Every decision will be towards the goodness of our family. Everything should consider the welfare of our child may it be vacation plans, travel plans, financial plans, career plans, etc.

With the guidance of the Lord, I know we can do it.

Merry Christmas everyone. J