Monday, July 15, 2013

A Flower that Blooms

A few months after Paul and I lived in our tiny house, we knew we needed something to brighten up the mood around us. So we bought a few plants. Some have died some have flourished and hope others will continue to nourish.

I was so delighted when one day I saw a rose bud in our backyard. I never thought I could make a rose plant flower. Hurray Hurray! I think I like this new hobby of planting and propagating.

This also opens a new home project for me and I’m excited about it! Unfortunately I don’t usually own my Saturdays so I have to cramp all my planting activities on Sundays.

I’m still happy of my achievements and I know I’m going to look forward to planting and arranging our front yard and back yard. So cool to have a little garden of our own.

Till next time.^_^

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Cooler Weather is Coming Our Way

Summer is out, definitely! I’m just too busy to notice.^_^

It’s July and barely two months to go before “ber-months” officially kick in. For us Filipinos, “ber-months” is synonymous to Christmas. Local radio stations will play Christmas Songs. People will decorate their houses with Christmas ornaments. And food will be abundant.

As for me, it’s the time of the year when the weather is cooler and more tolerable than summer. It is also the time when my plants are most happy because of the rain. We live in a tropical country, you know! :)

It is also the time of the year when I am expecting our electric consumption to go down because of the cooler weather. Goodbye electric fan for the mean time.

Another thing is, I promised myself that we will have a Christmas tree in the house this coming holiday season. And I guess we might just do that. I hope I can learn how to bake soon so that food will be grand on Christmas and New Year.

Till next time.^_^

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Shake it out!

It’s been quite a while since my office project is driving my time nuts. It’s been very stressful and the stress builds up day by day. At some points I needed to go to the office at 5:30AM to catch my 7:30AM meeting with our counterparts onshore. I didn’t have time to even prepare breakfast/lunch.

I’d go to the Jollibee near our office to order my usual and attend the meeting (via call) while eating my breakfast. It’s not a healthy habit and I know it. But if I don’t do that I will be very hungry by the time my meeting is done and it will be lunch time by then.

I need to shake out and do some changes in my routine.

Friday, July 5, 2013

God is Amazing!

I woke up this morning feeling *ugh* so tired refusing to rush for office. Lying before my husband in the early Friday morning is a luxury I seldom can afford because of my busy schedule. If it was not for the vegetable seller, who is actually my alarm clock, I would not stand and prepare for work.

I had the luxury of time to cook my lunch since I already told my boss that I would be late for work. I stayed almost 14 hours in the office yesterday so I guess my being late is reasonable.

When I was still a kid I envisioned myself having a house of my own, a car of my own, a good-paying job, a cute and happy family and a life worth living for. I guess everything is still a work in progress and I am very positive that all of my dreams will happen sooner or later. Keeping a positive outlook and a cool mentality can bring me to my dreams sooner than expected. And I guess God is working in His most amazing ways for each of our dreams. Let’s keep on praying. :)