Friday, October 14, 2011

Going Rice-less

I've been wanting to go rice-less ever since my friends told me that I've been gaining weight. I felt the extra weight too but I have not paid attention until one day I cannot reach my toes when I bend.

The weighing scale starts to disturb me. I don't like standing on top of it. During my pre-employment check-up, the nurse told me that I am 60kgs [132lbs]. I told myself, "Wow Millette, you're heavy." Okay, that's it. that was the breaking point. I have to do something.

I began listing foods that I put inside my mouth and began dropping those that are not healthy. At first, I focused on eating fruits and vegetables. Then I stopped eating rice. It was difficult but after the first 21 days everything began to fall into places. I also had to run 30 minutes a day in order to lose those fats.

After a few weeks of healthy diet and exercise, I began losing weight of roughly 1lb each week. I am now at 121lbs and continue losing weight.

Thanks to my friends who are continuously supporting me.

~Till then.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Social Obligation

Many of us do not really understand the value of social obligation. For many it means donating money to the less fortunate. Others treat it as giving things to the needy.

Actually social obligation go far beyond donating money or things. Social obligation for me means being aware and acting fast in response to the events that are happening. Happenings that include the calamities that strike our country.

In my search for the true meaning of social obligation, I have listed several things that I believe are part of it.

  1. Awareness of the fact that water is life.
  2. Resourcefulness in everything.
  3. Sharing time with other people.
  4. Valuing other people’s time.
  5. Being physically fit and physically clean.
  6. Sharing knowledge to other people.
  7. Caring for nature.
  8. Being healthy.
  9. Recycling things.
  10. Having a positive outlook.

I will be listing other things when as I come across them. I just hope we all do our part. It will be a very nice place to stay if that i the case.

~Till then.