Sunday, March 24, 2013

The World as I see It

“Naglalakad sila. Wala silang pamasahe.” These were the side comments of a cigarette vendor as we passed by the gas station near our subdivision. Paul and I just smiled and shrug it off. We know that was for us.

We always see other people’s mistakes and shortcomings. We notice every move that other people make. But why can’t we look at ourselves first before commenting about the people around us? Why do we need to belittle other people to make us look better?

I too am guilty of this. But after that stage of my life, I moved on. I should always move on. I guess we all should.

There will be a point in our lives where we look back at ourselves 5-10 years later and laughed about our mistakes. What matters then doesn’t matter anymore. Time will always pass and no one is waiting for us. We always need to move with time.

Well I guess that’s the irony of life.

The good thing about life is we can always change every day. We can always choose the path we take.

To the cigarette seller who side commented about us, well thank you for noticing us. I don’t know the reason behind your comment but I have some assumptions. Maybe you wanted your friend – the tricycle driver – to make good money so you want people from the subdivision to ride from their home to the gas station. Or maybe you want your friend – the jeepney driver – to make good money so you want everybody to take the jeepney.

At the end of the day, it’s not about what they say about me. It is always how I feel about myself.

Developing a positive self-talk lifts up my spirit. It gives me the feeling that everything will be okay. Things may not turn out as planned but I know God answers prayers in three different ways. I don’t mind side comments since it will be a waste of time arguing with people who do not listen. Remember the saying, “Fools argue to prove they are correct while wise men discuss ideas.”

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Random Ramblings

I’ve been wondering what to blog about this March since the month started but until today I’m still not confident about sharing what’s happening around me lately. My facebook page is full of links of places I want to visit (pag nakaraos na ako sa kahirapan) and my Instagram is already at #day78 of my #project360.

I’ve been reading some blogposts to inspire me but to no avail I’m just not into writing my projects yet. I’d like to finish them first before putting them out in the open. As the saying goes, “Do not count your chicks before the eggs are hatched.”

I tried booking some flights to fulfill one of my “Top 12 Things to Do this 2013” but Paul declined since he’d like to relax at home and do some home stuff. Maybe Jen is the right company for my travel escapades this year since we are both thrilled to travel the rest of Mindanao. Unfortunately I have no travel arrangements with either CebPac or AirPhil yet (as of posting).

Last February I contacted an email address for our yearly Outreach Project but until today the person has not responded to my email yet. I thought maybe they received overwhelming donations already that they don’t need our help anymore. I think I must find other groups that can help us help others through engaging in worthwhile activities like what we did in Dueg Elementary School last December 2012.

I am on my 5th day in level 35 in CC and I still can’t go through it. My friends Bella and Jen are boasting about their levels today but I don’t mind. Because after level 35 I would need to connect my game on Facebook and that I don’t think I will do. I don’t want the game to post anything about my activity hence I will stop playing once I surpass level 35. Let’s just say I’m just prolonging the time I’m spending on it.

“I’m at the payphone tryin’ to call home all of change I spent on you!” Last song syndrome of the month. Ever since I watched the Korean twins in a Supermarket TV the song keeps on playing in my thoughts. Maybe I need to have a copy of their song in my playlist.

I am not going to an outing with Team Injury because a sudden event rocked my schedule. I sincerely apologize to all the people affected by my current decisions and I’ll make sure that I’ll do my very best on the next outings to come.

I will have a dog on June.^_^ Sanyata, my uncle’s dog, will be giving birth this March and I asked him to give me one puppy. He said I can have it on June. Yey! The new pet means I need to think twice before going on a long vacation because the puppy will be left alone with no food or water. It also means I need to go home early so that my pet will not get lonely. I’ll name my dog after the bitch because the name is unique and cute.

So there you go. That’s how random my thoughts are today. No definite direction and no focus. A lot has been happening lately and I need to fix myself and focus. Hopefully the summer heat will end soon so that the cooler air can help me get my head on the game.

Till then.