Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Sunday Night

Sunday night was another tiring night. We went to University of the Philippines for our weekly training. Running is definitely an IN thing here in the Philippines.

After the training, Paul and I decided to eat something for afternoon snack. We were abstaining on meat so we decided to eat fish ball instead. We had loads of fish ball in our system right now and a great amount of oil that came with it.

While waiting for Paul to finish his 10K run practice, I decided to take some pictures of the university. Not much because I just had my camera phone. Sometime soon we will be shooting in UP. Just for fun.

~Till then

Sunday, September 23, 2012

My Own Hanging Garden

I’ve always wanted to start a garden here in the city to relax myself from the stress of the hyper world. The problem is, I don’t have a land to start with and the building I am living right now does not allow potted plants on the window. It would have been nice if we could grow some basil or rosemary.
Since my Paul and I just recently bought something to accommodate some plants, I think it’s the proper time to prepare for a mini garden. 
To start with, I have been reading blogs and articles about gardening and composting. A few of my resources are as follows:

I want to start my own with just a few plants. I’ll try planting my own basil, rosemary and bell pepper. I also want to grow some flowering plants so I will experiment on a few first.
We don’t have a yard so I’ll have some plants hanging. I’ll show you some pictures once I am done setting up.

Why do I want to plant?
  • I need to see some greenery to ease the stress from work.
  • I want to have fresh basil for my pasta recipe.
  • I want to be able to have variety of vegetables that I can cook when I’m hungry.
  • I want to decorate with fresh ornaments.
  • I just want something to do when I’m not in the mountain with Paul.
  • And of course, keep our food expenses low.

~Till then.