Monday, December 31, 2012

New Year 2013

Another year has passed. 2013 is coming.

I hope and pray that we may all have another good year and that we can focus on our goals even more. Let not the lime light and the glitz and glamour ruin our focus. Let our burdens from the past be put to rest and have a fresh start this coming 2013.

I also hope that our friends remain our friends and the friendship bond become stronger each year. Let not our differences hinder us from sharing love to everybody but rather let it be the way to make us more involved and concerned.

Let us all focus on what is important to us. Let’s all look forward and not dwell on the past. Let us all be courageous to face challenges and be brave to make necessary changes.

Wish you all a great year!

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Green is in

I remember when I was a kid I used to plant in our little garden. I like flowering plants and those that have different colored leaves.

So when we decided to purchase our own house I specifically requested that it has a garden. Even just a small garden.

Today I’m happy to say that I have the small garden I requested. I initially planned to plant some flowering ornaments but I decided to plant some herbs for the mean time.

I planted some pandan first.  When they have grown enough I will transfer them to their pots.

Sorry no picture for now. I’ll just update this blog when I got a nicer picture from our yard.:D

~Till then.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Living in One Income

We have been contemplating on the idea of living in one income and we would like to make some radical changes in our lifestyles to make this happen.

According to the books and blogs I have read, there are three basic things a couple must do if they want to live in one income.

1. Sit down and talk about the idea. – This idea is great for starting couples. Since [it is assumed that] there are only two of you, basic needs are easy to cover with just one income. Determine also whose income it will be. Books tell me that couples have to live with the lower income but that is not an absolute rule.

2. Determine expenses of each. – The couple’s expenses are different from each other. They need to know what is important and what is not through a thorough assessment of each purchase. Give it a month or two to determine the expenses by listing each purchase and analyzing them at the end of the month. It is important that both parties agree on one simple goal - and that is to minimize expenses.

3. Devise a plan and implement it. – This is the most important thing among the three. After the couple has determined what are important and what are not, they can now devise a plan on how to minimize their expense and live in one income. It is also important to update the plan accordingly and counter check or sustain every quarter to make sure that the plan is implemented and the goal is achieved.

So where are we right now?
We are currently at Item number 2 right now. We agreed to make a list on all our expenses so that we can track where our money goes. We also agreed to ask each other’s opinions before a big purchase. It is easier when both of us are on the same page when it comes to money management techniques and investment strategies.

We are just on our first quarter and I hope we can make it through.

~Till then.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Commuting in the Philippines

Ever since I started working, I always choose to live near my workplace to save on fare, time and energy. But since we already bought a house that is located outside the busy streets of Metro Manila I have no choice but to wake up early in the morning and commute from house to work.

I am now experiencing my worst nightmare and so far I think I am doing well. It is taking me almost 2 hours from our house to my workplace and that translates to four hours of wasted time per day. I’m glad the radio in the jeepney and the television in the bus are there to lessen the stress.

I have to come up with a few tasks during my commute so that my four hours will not be wasted. I think I can do the following while commuting:
a. Send and delete messages from my Jurassic cell phone.
b. Plan my work load.
c. Prepare a meal plan.
d. Compute expenses.
e. Think of something to write.

I hope and pray that I can stick to this plan. It’s very hard to stay focused when you feel tired and sleepy.
~Till next time.