Sunday, June 30, 2013

Arranging our Finances as Husband and Wife

Before we got married we managed our money separately. But few days after being married I scheduled a talk to my husband about our finances.

We are not afraid to talk about our finances ever since. It was not a matter of who earns better or who splurges more. It was more of trusting on each other.

We talked about our expenses and our savings. We have identified things that we constantly buy or pay and have established a reasonable budget for those. We have also set a constant amount for our personal expenses wherein my husband does not have the right to question me on how I spend it and vice versa.

Of course we talked about our savings and where to invest for maximum growth potential. We have allotted specific amount for each of our savings plan and agreed to talk about this for review and possible shift.

We also talked about our future plans and how they will affect our decisions few months/years from now.

I guess I’m lucky I have a very “masinop sa pera” husband. Hello bright future!^_^

Saturday, June 8, 2013

All is Well

Finally I am able to write again after a few months of hiatus from the blog sphere. I was busy with work and busy preparing for our wedding that’s why I was not able to write for quite some time.

Our wedding went well and my project became less demanding so I have a few time to hit the keys yet again.

Hair and Make up by sir Joey Sadsad
Most of my friends are still surprised by our wedding and I know others are a little upset because they didn't get any invitation for the event. As for me, I can’t see any reason why I should explain. But for the benefit of those who are still upset here are a few facts. We wanted the event to be very small, solemn and personal. We don’t want to feed our wall with cheesy things from the time we were engaged to the time we walk down the aisle because we know pressure will build when a lot of people know about it.

Today I’d like to express my gratitude to the people who made our wedding special. I might not know everything you did but at least I know you did something.

To our families: Thank you for gracing our small wedding. It was such a delight having you all. Thanks for the love, support and prayers offered to us during the wedding day and the days to come.

To our high school and college friends: Thank you for the undying support. I know few were invited but rest assured that we wanted all of you to be there. It’s just that we really wanted it to be small and manageable. Nonetheless I know you prayed for both of us and our future ahead and I thank you all for that.

To our (old and new) office/camping friends: Truly our warmest “Thanks” to all of you! I know you spent so much time, effort and money just to be there and we cannot ask for more. No amount of money can ever repay your hardships and we will forever be indebted. Thank you so much!

To our suppliers: Thank you for making our event beautiful and meaningful. It was always a bliss working with all of you. You made our preparations easy and manageable and I really enjoyed transacting with you all. Super uber thanks!

All is well, blessed and offered.^_^

  • Hill Station – Reception venue (Includes food, cake, table arrangements etc.)
  • Joseph Tagle Photography – Photo coverage (We were lucky Joseph gifted us with a free AVP. Thanks!^^)
  • Immaculate Concepcion Church – Ceremony venue solemnized by Father Jose Alipio
  • May Allen Cachero – Bride’s dress/Entourage dresses
  • Flowers by Lhai (including team injury) – thru the efforts of Team Injury headed by Lhai
  • Coordination – Katrina de Asis and Jay Mangilaya with the help of everyone from Team Injury
  • Pre-nup video – M&J Productions (Mark Louie Dasalla, Jayson Barrientos and Jay Mangilaya
  • Bloopers video – M&J Productions with the help of everyone in Team Injury
  • Jay Mangilaya – Online Invitation sent to guests 1 month before the wedding.
  • Joey Sadsad – Hair and Make-up (Two weeks’ notice)
  • Hanbi Mansions – Accommodation (Thanks ate Margie for the warm welcome.)
  • Jason – Bridal car supplier in Baguio City
  • Jenny Oliva – Thanks for making sure everything is well taken care of.^_^
  • Parokya ni Edgar – Thanks for the FUNsign and for the video thru the efforts of Jenny, Belle and Billie (super thanks!)
  • Team Injury including Kathlyn DQ and Katrina DA – for everything (You know what I mean.)