Friday, October 14, 2011

Going Rice-less

I've been wanting to go rice-less ever since my friends told me that I've been gaining weight. I felt the extra weight too but I have not paid attention until one day I cannot reach my toes when I bend.

The weighing scale starts to disturb me. I don't like standing on top of it. During my pre-employment check-up, the nurse told me that I am 60kgs [132lbs]. I told myself, "Wow Millette, you're heavy." Okay, that's it. that was the breaking point. I have to do something.

I began listing foods that I put inside my mouth and began dropping those that are not healthy. At first, I focused on eating fruits and vegetables. Then I stopped eating rice. It was difficult but after the first 21 days everything began to fall into places. I also had to run 30 minutes a day in order to lose those fats.

After a few weeks of healthy diet and exercise, I began losing weight of roughly 1lb each week. I am now at 121lbs and continue losing weight.

Thanks to my friends who are continuously supporting me.

~Till then.

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