Sunday, September 23, 2012

My Own Hanging Garden

I’ve always wanted to start a garden here in the city to relax myself from the stress of the hyper world. The problem is, I don’t have a land to start with and the building I am living right now does not allow potted plants on the window. It would have been nice if we could grow some basil or rosemary.
Since my Paul and I just recently bought something to accommodate some plants, I think it’s the proper time to prepare for a mini garden. 
To start with, I have been reading blogs and articles about gardening and composting. A few of my resources are as follows:

I want to start my own with just a few plants. I’ll try planting my own basil, rosemary and bell pepper. I also want to grow some flowering plants so I will experiment on a few first.
We don’t have a yard so I’ll have some plants hanging. I’ll show you some pictures once I am done setting up.

Why do I want to plant?
  • I need to see some greenery to ease the stress from work.
  • I want to have fresh basil for my pasta recipe.
  • I want to be able to have variety of vegetables that I can cook when I’m hungry.
  • I want to decorate with fresh ornaments.
  • I just want something to do when I’m not in the mountain with Paul.
  • And of course, keep our food expenses low.

~Till then.

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