Sunday, December 23, 2012

Commuting in the Philippines

Ever since I started working, I always choose to live near my workplace to save on fare, time and energy. But since we already bought a house that is located outside the busy streets of Metro Manila I have no choice but to wake up early in the morning and commute from house to work.

I am now experiencing my worst nightmare and so far I think I am doing well. It is taking me almost 2 hours from our house to my workplace and that translates to four hours of wasted time per day. I’m glad the radio in the jeepney and the television in the bus are there to lessen the stress.

I have to come up with a few tasks during my commute so that my four hours will not be wasted. I think I can do the following while commuting:
a. Send and delete messages from my Jurassic cell phone.
b. Plan my work load.
c. Prepare a meal plan.
d. Compute expenses.
e. Think of something to write.

I hope and pray that I can stick to this plan. It’s very hard to stay focused when you feel tired and sleepy.
~Till next time.

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