Friday, February 15, 2013

Ho Ho Holiday Still?

I know I should be blogging about something but please allow me to deviate from that today because I want to share something (not so important).

Paul went to US for an onshore job and few days before his flight back home he showed me what he splurged on.

Gone are the days of splurging on gadgets and toys. I was actually amazed and surprised that he spent some money on kitchen wares. He scored a deal in and got most of the items at half the price.

He purchased this ceramic 10-pc cookware setAnd then this pressure cooker.

Now we can cook and eat Bulalo every weekend! Hurray!!!

And since I’m a little jealous of his purchases, I wired some money to Paul’s account in exchange of these Cuisinart items. Yey!

I just hope friends will come over from time to time so that I can use these often.

Till then.^_^

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