Sunday, June 30, 2013

Arranging our Finances as Husband and Wife

Before we got married we managed our money separately. But few days after being married I scheduled a talk to my husband about our finances.

We are not afraid to talk about our finances ever since. It was not a matter of who earns better or who splurges more. It was more of trusting on each other.

We talked about our expenses and our savings. We have identified things that we constantly buy or pay and have established a reasonable budget for those. We have also set a constant amount for our personal expenses wherein my husband does not have the right to question me on how I spend it and vice versa.

Of course we talked about our savings and where to invest for maximum growth potential. We have allotted specific amount for each of our savings plan and agreed to talk about this for review and possible shift.

We also talked about our future plans and how they will affect our decisions few months/years from now.

I guess I’m lucky I have a very “masinop sa pera” husband. Hello bright future!^_^

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