Monday, February 21, 2011

Online Banking and Its Benefits

Online banking is becoming popular to the Filipinos. I personally use it because of the benefits it gives to me.

1. I don't have to fall in line anymore

For me falling in line to deposit is an excruciating process. Most of the times I will be in the line for 15 minutes or more only to transact for 3 minutes or less. It’s quite unfair to my precious time. I don’t have to go through this when I do online banking. Just a few clicks and my money is deposited from my payroll account to my savings account.

2. Automatic transfer

I guess this is how the automatic millionaire did it. He automated his savings so that by the time he wants to use the money it’s gone and invested. As for me, I set an amount from my payroll account and transfer it to another account which I am forbidden to touch.

3. Bills payment made easy

Our electricity bill is being paid through bank transfer. So easy and convenient. No lines, no fuss, no cashier. In just a few clicks our bill is paid. Just make sure you pay your bills on time. Another thing, my insurance premium is also paid through automatic transfer. No more going to the insurance office and lesser hassle from commuting.

4. Bills payment with freebies

Aside from the convenience automatic bill payment brings to us, it can also give us some freebies. Our bank gives us foods and other stuff as rebate.

5. Credit Card payment in a flash

You can also pay your credit cards though online banking. It’s like transferring your money from one account to another only that it is your credit card.

Overall it has made our lives easier. I don't have to go out of the office to pay my utility bills and credit card bills. I can do it during my lunch time. Moreover, I will have more time to relax and have a nice lunch with my officemates and discuss matters that are more important than falling in line.

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