Sunday, February 20, 2011

A Tiring yet Awesome Night

Paul and I went to the University of the Philippines to jog. It has been a habit since he arrived from the Texas. We felt the need to indulge to some physical activities since we both gained weight.

We jogged for about an hour. And then we stopped for water break. I asked for a long break because I drank too much water. (I think it is not good to run if your stomach is full of water.) We did not have any water break since we started to run, that’s why. To let time pass we decided to eat some street food. There is a very famous “isawan” inside the campus. (Isaw means barbecued chicken intestine. Isawan means a place to eat barbecued chicken intestine.) We asked for directions and we found ourselves in line with other street food lovers. We didn’t know we had to wait longer for our food. If we only knew we should have ordered a little earlier and went on with our jogging. Nonetheless, we waited for our food.

Smile flooded our faces when our food was served. Food! At long last. We ate with delight and pleasure and finished our servings within 10 minutes I guess.

~Till then.

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