Thursday, March 17, 2011

Team Injury goes to Pulag

For those unaware, Team Injury is an adventurous team led by adventurous people who dedicate their free time climbing mountains and discovering nature.

We went to Mt. Pulag last January 29-30, 2011. The weather was fine prior to the event. What kept us worried were the news of hypothermia that could lead to death. I was particularly worried for our first timers because I don't have any idea how to first aid hypothermia. Nevertheless we pushed through.

The night we traveled to Baguio City, Paul and I had to travel all the way to Victory Liner - Balintawak to accompany other participants. We departed around 11PM. It was a nice travel and it feels like going home. Did I mention I studied in Baguio City for 5 years? And so did Paul.

We arrived at Victory Liner Baguio terminal at around 5AM. Paul and I were able to go the market place to buy basil leaves for our pasta (that I was not able to cook) and Pandesal (salt bread). Our group mates arrived at around 6AM and we were immediately led to our chartered jeepney going to Ambangeg. It was another long journey to the jump off point. Before the jump off point, we had a detour to Ambuklao dam.

Group Picture at Ambuklao Dam

After the detour we ate our breakfast at one of the "cantina" (store) along the highway. We also bought our lunch there since I was not able to cook the night before. Then we proceeded to the DENR office to register. Every climber should register at the DENR office for monitoring purposes. Then a short orientation was conducted for safety reminders.


Then off we went to the ranger station which is the jump off point of our climb. You can definitely define rough road along the way.

After a short break we headed to the mountain. It was a long walk to camp 1. I was hungry even before we arrived there. Jenny's group was kind enough to accommodate us during lunch.

Then another long walk to camp 2 pushed me to my limits. I had to take short breaks because my feet were aching and my backpack is getting heavier and heavier.

At long last we reached our destination. It was so cold. It was hard to pitch the tent. Thanks to Paul for the help.

Mt. Pulag Camp 2

Come dinner time, everybody was chilling already. We ate our dinner before 7PM so the remaining hours should have been for socials. But no socials was held because of the weather condition. We kept ourselves inside our tent and waited for the dawn. Honestly I was not able to sleep that night. I thought I was going to die. The temperature went down to 2 degrees Celsius (or even lower). Alcohol could have warmed me a bit but I was afraid my allergies would show up. It was really a bbbbbbbrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr night for all of us.

Came 4AM, our companions went to our tent to fetch us. It was time to go to the peak of Mt. Pulag. We had high hopes that we could see a 'sea of clouds' despite the bad weather condition. We braved the weather and proceeded. Unluckily no sea of clouds that morning. But I don't regret going to the peak. It was an experience I will never forget!

Should have been sea of clods

We descended around 9am. Even though the sun was already up the cool breeze was still there. There was once when I could not feel my fingers anymore. I had to put back my gloves and put my hand inside my jacket to warm my fingers.

We arrived at camp 1 at around 12 noon. The weather there was more friendly than in Camp 2. We ate lunch at camp 1 and bonded with our group for a while. We finished the last leg with smile on our faces. We conquered Mt. Pulag!

Wear your shirt proud Team Injury!

Official Pulag shirt.

Paul said I look like a shopper here! lol

With Two layers of eye bags because of lack of sleep.

~Till then.

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