Friday, March 18, 2011

Two Inevitable Things in Life

Have you ever wondered what the two most inevitable things in life are?

Well certainly you would have guessed. They are 1. Tax and 2. Death

From the time you were born until the time you will die you will be taxed. No doubt about it.

Government is very diligent in collecting taxes especially from those high earners. Do you notice the increase of tax collection of the Philippine government from the time PNoy sat in the office? There are a lot of high earners who are being haunted by the Bureau of Internal Revenue(BIR) right now. Everyone is being accounted. This is because all government projects get money from taxes.

You eat, they tax.
You pay bills, they tax.
You save, they tax.
You die, they tax.

No one escapes the tax collector.


Death is the most certain thing that can happen to you while you live. Unfortunately people do not want to think about this possibility that’s why they continue to be underinsured or worse never insure themselves anymore.

I tell you one secret. Insurance is the most beautiful investment in the world. Why? Because I am sure sooner or later you will die. And if you insured yourself properly your family will benefit from it.

~Till then.

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