Tuesday, June 5, 2012

How to link your FirstMetrosec account to your FAMI account (ONLINE)

I’ve been using post-dated checks to make my transactions faster and make my investments compulsory. I’ve recently discovered that I can actually link my FirstMetroSec account to fund your FAMI Mutual Funds. And also, I can use Metrobank direct to buy shares on the day itself.

For FirstMetroSec, here’s how.

FirstMetroSec account to FAMI account.

1. Open your FirstMetroSec account and go to Forms tab.
2. Click Existing FAMI Account link. (from the list)
3. Fill up the form and send via fax to FAMI 816-0467 copy FMSBC 859-0699 or Email a scanned copy with signature to fami@firstmetro.com.ph copy customerservice@firstmetrosec.com.ph

By doing this, you can check your account anytime of the day 24/7.

How to purchase Mutual Fund shares using FirstMetroSec account?
1. Login to your FirstMetroSec account.
2. Go to FAMI tab and you will be directed to a new window.
3. Click the Buy tab. Fill up the fields in the Buy/Sell Mutual Funds. Click Review Order and Submit. Rest assured that your placement is booked on the same day if and only if you placed before 1:30pm (Manila Time). Transactions after the cut-off time will be booked the following day.

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