Saturday, June 9, 2012

A lesson in life

Note: This entry is not for the old and filthy rich.
Have you seen an old person (I really mean old) waking up early morning, dressing up and going to work? 
I just saw one this morning. 
I didn’t see him wake up, dress up and go to work but I see him in front of the condominium unit where I stay waiting for the go signal of the guard for them (he was with 2 young men) to go up and start their work. I usually go to the office around 7:30AM to 8:00AM. So imagine how early he prepared for work?
He sat in front of the condominium building beside the flower pots. I mean, how can you let someone so old sit in the flower pot waiting for somebody when a couch is provided inside the lobby? Tsk. That is rude I guess.
At the back of mind, I can do nothing to change the fate of this old guy. Earlier in his life he chose to be someone like this. He was given chances and opportunities but his decisions led him to become the person he is now. Even if I write to the TV program “Wish Ko Lang”, it would not matter that much.
Am I mean by saying that? I don’t think so. That’s the reality of life. And we have to face that reality. Once in our lives we were given chances to go up the ladder and explore different things. But be sure to be uber responsible about the decisions and the actions that you make because it will surely have an impact on your future life.
As for now, all I can do is to offer a prayer for the old guy that he may find joy and gratefulness in his work. 
Thanks for letting me spill a bit of negativity.
~Till ext time.

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