Thursday, November 1, 2012

Move and Step Forward, No Turn Around

So this is it!

Boyfriend and I moved to our house. (Still paying for it though.)

No it’s not new and nope it’s not in an upscale neighborhood. We saved for a few years for this and I think we made the best decision ever. We are hurting a little because a big portion of our savings is lost and will be lost. But nevertheless, we are happy we saved money for this BIG purchase.

We were constantly saving and investing money for the future. This is one of the things we are saving up and it’s about time we use our investments for their purpose. As Rex Mendoza said a few years ago, “Dreams have deadlines.” And I know the biggest deadline has come.

I’d like to thank my bff/bf for initiating this decision.

Now I can really have my own garden.

~Till then.

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