Monday, January 7, 2013

How to pay Meralco Bill Online.

I like to make my life easier so I do pay our utility bills online and on time. I’m still amazed by people who do not know how to do this with all the internet connections today.

I am a fan of BPIexpressonline so you will see me do it via this bank.

How to enroll MERALCO bill for online payment:

1. Login to BPIexpressonline
2. Go to Payments then click Bills Payment and click Enroll All Other Bills.

3. Fill in the required fields. Make sure that you provide the correct Bill Information.

4. Click Submit.

After the confirmation, you are now ready to pay your MERALCO bill.

Just go to Payments then click Bills Payment and click Pay Bills Today. Enter all the necessary details (double check and triple check) then click Submit. 

Congratulations! You have now paid your Meralco Bill.

1. Make sure that you pay the exact amount stated in your bill.
2. You can also pay your water bill online.
3. School tuition fee, Insurances and other merchants also accept online payments.

For more info about meralco bills, kindly click here.

See? With just a few clicks you make your life easier. Just avoid disconnection notices so that you are not obliged to go to the branch/office.

~Till then.

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