Saturday, January 5, 2013

Top 12 Things to do this 2013

As a matter of fact I was not supposed to publish my top 12 things to do this 2013 since I already have 30 things to do before I hit 30. But then my top 12 things to do are different from my personal 30 things.

So here it goes.

January - Grow a vegetable garden
I am in the process of growing my own vegetable garden. I am going to plant some tomatoes and eggplants first followed by sweet potatoes. I can’t wait to see my plant boxes become green. As of writing, I already have small “dill”. I will try to grow it bigger and have other herbs like basil and tarragon. I also have lots of small pandan which I plan to transfer after a few weeks to give way to other plants.

Update1: Good news or bad news first? Ok let's start it with the bad news. The thing is my little dill died a few weeks ago due to unknown cause. I might have watered it too much. My bad. :( 

The good news is we now have a sweet potato garden courtesy of my dear grandmother! Yay! I so love the idea of having fresh sweet potato tops for our "Sinigang". Yum yum.

Update2: Last Sunday (February 24, 2013) we got an American Red Rose plant which is I think one of the best plants I got so far. We are planning to add more plants and I am setting a reasonable budget for this. 

So there you go. Happy and satisfied.


February - Detoxify
With all those things I ate lately, I need to detoxify and get back to the habit of eating fish and vegetables. We’ve been eating a lot of chicken meat lately and I need to divert our meal plan to include fish and locally produced vegetables.

Update: 02282013 We were eating fruits, vegetables and lots of fish lately. Our Vday meal was composed of pasta with shrimp and mushroom served with garden salad and tuna based dressing. Our fridge was mainly for milk fish, tilapia, shrimp, cream dory and other sea foods. We also have lots of vegetables and of course our mini-garden is contributing to our "green" movement. I think we are maintaining this diet since it is healthier. 

That's it for February! 


March - Participate in an outreach
I think friends will schedule an outreach program during this time so I better get ready.

Update: 05222013 My friends and I were not able to facilitate an outreach last March however we were able to plan a small outreach for the kids of little lights!^_^


April - Buy additional cooking utensils
We have a small rice cooker, a big pan and 2 pots. I think it’s about time we buy additional cooking utensils like a smaller pan, a grill and a pressure cooker. Wait, how much is a pressure cooker? :D

Update: 05222013 No more additional cooking utensils for us since Paul already purchased 2 sets last January.


May - Breakfast in Baguio
I want to go to Baguio [yet again] just to relax and feel the cool air in Camp John Hay. Although I’m not recommending Baguio [anymore] to other people, I can’t resist my second home. It still feels like a home away from home. [I found a diary underneath a tree ~singing]

Update: 05222013 Had breakfast in Baguio with family and friends. Finally!^_^


June - Take a break from expenses
I will take a break in preparation for a major buy on July.

July - Buy a mountain bike/road bike
Paul wants a folding bike while I want a mountain bike/road bike. Crossing fingers on this.

August - Invest a significant amount of money for my car and go to Caramoan
After the major expense last year, another major expense follows. Now it’s my turn to do the math. We haven’t agreed yet what car to purchase but I hope my preparations are good and can cover everything. So help me God! Aja on this!

Caramoan is the place to be this 2013. All set? GO!

September - Run another 21km
I miss running. I miss the feeling of fulfillment every time I cross the finish line. I ran my first 21km last year and I am getting ready to run again. Whew!

October - Travel to Visayas/Mindanao
My only real travel (aside from going home to Baguio and the churvalu Caramoan) this year. Let’s see if I can book a cheap flight for us. Everybody is invited!^_^

November - Learn how to make pastries
I found a pastry shop near my workplace that is promoting their baking class. I am going to enroll and get the basics on baking. But I need a microwave for this so that I can practice my [will be new] skill. I’ll just include it in my wish list.

December - Complete my #project360
I launched my #project360 in my Instagram. I just find it amazing how people record their everyday lives using one photo each day. I’m going to give it a try.

Bonus: Yep! I have a “pahabol”. I want to attend a festival this year. I always avoid festivals because from my 5-year Panagbenga experience in Baguio, the placed is always cramped with people. As in so many people!@_@ For a change I will try to attend one this year. ^_^

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