Thursday, May 30, 2013

Our Summer Weekend in Baguio

After the big event, Paul and I accompanied his officemates in a half day Baguio tour. We were supposed to leave the house by 7AM to go to the strawberry farm but the plan changed when we found out that there were no more strawberries in La Trinidad. Note: Strawberries are abundant during February to March.

To make it easy for them and for us we just went to the usual “pasyalan”. I know, I know walang first timer. But having only half a day to tour Baguio city is really a challenge. And after a very tiring day I just needed to relax a bit and not constraint my schedule with jam-packed itinerary.

First Stop: The Mansion
It was just a few minutes’ walk from Hanbi Mansions to “The Mansion” and along the way people can see the Wright Park with the horses and the stairs. I felt I needed to pump up and flex my muscles because I got tired easily. It was a little nostalgic when I saw a Japanese Corn vendor at the sidewalk and hurried towards it. (Hindi ako nag-alok. Ok fine!) It felt good having something warm to eat in the middle of a cold street. Warmth and comfort it is. So ang ending, I didn't get inside The Mansion gate because food and drinks are not allowed inside. I just waited for them outside while I munch on my Japanese corn. Yum yum! :)

Second Stop: Chocolate de Batirol at Camp John Hay
I really love going here. I dunno if it’s the calmness of the place, the ambiance or the warm chocolate de batirol. I guess it’s a little bit of everything I mentioned and tidbits of some memories.

Our visitors tried the traditional chocolate drink and I think they liked it. They were sipping their hot mix while Paul and I were busy thinking of things to talk about. I am still observing their conversation manners so I’m still a little silent. (Kelan ako naging silent?)
After Batirol we walked up the stairway and found ourselves in a golf course. I was awed when K stood head down (yoga pose I think.) and asked A to take photos of her. In my mind, “Hala ano un?”

After the stunt we went down and passed by Manor Hotel, Mile-Hi hotel and went straight to the Bell House entrance. But after learning that we needed to pay 60 bucks for entrance they immediately turned it down.

Third Stop: Baguio Public Market
Baguio Public Market is always a delight to our friends especially those who were from Manila. There were always a lot of things going around, a lot of things to buy and lots of people to meet (and greet.)

Our visitors bought some pasalubong like Ube Jam, snowballs, honey and peanut butter while Paul wanted to buy a hammock but was not lucky enough for a good find. I bought some home grown grapes instead of a bunch of strawberries. It’s cheaper and I think our visitors didn't know that Philippines is also growing some grapes on this part of the country.

If only we were not traveling to La Union that afternoon I would have bought some veggies for us. 

~Till then! 

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