Friday, July 5, 2013

God is Amazing!

I woke up this morning feeling *ugh* so tired refusing to rush for office. Lying before my husband in the early Friday morning is a luxury I seldom can afford because of my busy schedule. If it was not for the vegetable seller, who is actually my alarm clock, I would not stand and prepare for work.

I had the luxury of time to cook my lunch since I already told my boss that I would be late for work. I stayed almost 14 hours in the office yesterday so I guess my being late is reasonable.

When I was still a kid I envisioned myself having a house of my own, a car of my own, a good-paying job, a cute and happy family and a life worth living for. I guess everything is still a work in progress and I am very positive that all of my dreams will happen sooner or later. Keeping a positive outlook and a cool mentality can bring me to my dreams sooner than expected. And I guess God is working in His most amazing ways for each of our dreams. Let’s keep on praying. :)

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