Saturday, November 23, 2013

Do you feel miserable when budgeting?

I have read so many blogs about budgeting having the common description as “necessary evil.”

It may seem to be that way but for people who are used to it see it as a need for the family finance to work smoothly. For me, budgeting should not hinder your personal satisfaction. Rather, see it as your guide in achieving your personal goals. If you really want the new gadget then budget your way to it. It also pays to be smart and reasonable when choosing your goals.

Make budgeting fun!

Budgeting can be FUN!

Why not make a dream board and put the pictures of your goal/s in it then make it a habit to track how much you have saved for it? Fun isn’t ist?:)

Budgeting can be EASY!

Budgeting is easy. My personal strategy is “Save first then never mind.” Let me clear this. What I mean to say is, I save first then make the remaining money enough for me until I get my next pay. For example, I want to buy a bike worth 6000Php. I’d like to buy it 3 months from now. So I will be computing how much I should be saving for the next 3 months to realize my dream.

6000 / 3 = 2000

That means I should budget my money such that 2000Php will be saved for my new bike for the next 3 months. Now here comes the adjustment. What if, I am only able to save 1500Php per month? Well, the sound response to this would be to delay my bike until I have come up with the money needed. Another option would be to assess how I spend my money and work it from there. Maybe I should just bring my own lunch instead of buying from the cafeteria. Or I should just commute for a few weeks to save on gas and put that savings on my bike fund. Or maybe I should not drink soda for the mean time and put the saved money to my goal.

Remember, little things add up. It’s just a matter of perspective.

This was I hope I made Budgeting Enjoyable.

Till next time. J

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