Thursday, November 21, 2013

What is your non-negotiable?

I have been living a very busy life in preparation for a brighter future. Least did I know that I am sacrificing the present in exchange of an exorbitant life in my golden years. My focus has always been “pagdating ng panahon” and I almost forgot to live today – as in the present.

During my early employment life, it has always been easy persuading me to do overtime work and weekend work because I have always been excited to learn the things that would help my career grow. It has always been my driving force to wake up early, go to work and get paid. It has always been the money that drives the people to continue to perform better. But believe me, life is not just how much money you have in the bank and in your investment portfolio. Material things are – just material things that we can easily do without and still live. So for today and moving forward I have to define my non-negotiables and live the life of a true wife.

~Till then.

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