Friday, April 11, 2014

Health Insurance is Love

No I am not sickly and I don’t like going to the clinic or hospital. But of course there will be times when we need to see a doctor or health specialist for our health concerns.

Two weeks ago Paul and I went to the hospital to seek medical help. I was 2 weeks delayed. However I told him not to get too excited because I was not feeling anything of the early signs of pregnancy. No morning sickness, no sensitive nose, nothing at all. I took a home pregnancy test and it came out negative. I read lots of articles in google about ‘’negative HPT; late period” but they only add to my anxiety. I also consulted my good friend who is in the medical field and told me to consult my OB.

Paul and I went to a hospital for the consultation. The OB told me to undergo TVS. It is a kind of ultrasound by the way. After securing approval from the medical provider, we immediately went to the ultrasound room and had me checked.

The initial diagnosis was polyps however the OB who conducted the ultrasound was not sure. So she told me to go back and undergo the same procedure again.

After my second test, the result came out normal. Thank God!

On the financial side: If I don’t have a medical card, I would have paid the consultation fee which is I think from 500Php – 1500Php per consultation. On top of that I should have paid roughly 2500Php for the ultrasound procedure per session. In a span of 1 week I should have paid roughly 8000Php for the consultation and lab tests. What more if I was really ill? How much would I need in order to get well?

Medical coverage is really an important aspect of financial foundation. Without it, our money that is saved or invested can be drained in just a few days.

Also, take note that the best time to get medical coverage/medical insurance is while you are healthy. No medical insurance will cover you when you are already sick as to no insurance company will cover you when you are already dying.

My tip: While employed, take advantage of the medical coverage provided by your employer. But take note that the policy is not yours to keep. Upon leaving the company you are automatically deleted from the list of members with medical coverage.

To secure a good future, make sure to talk to your insurance provider/agent and discuss the possibilities of owning a medical coverage even after you reach the retirement age. 

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