Thursday, January 1, 2015

14 Things to be Thankful for this 2014 (Other than Finances)

Seeing the smallest gifts from Him is more important than just seeing the big things. May it be the blessing of waking up every morning, having a dog lick my feet every single day or having food served on our table every single meal.

Let me relate to you 14 of the best gifts I received and hope to continue to receive on 2015.

On relationship:
For having a great relationship with my husband

We had our share of ups and downs during the first year of our marriage but I am thankful because of husband’s continuous support and encouragement to become a better “us” in every aspect of life.

For having a great relationship with my family

I have never been so close to my family. I guess it is because of the distance. Some of my aunts and cousins are working abroad so the need of constant communication is really a must. I also have a nephew who is still in grade school and knows how to converse using Facebook messenger so it’s easier for me to communicate with our relatives in the province.

For having a great relationship with friends

Maintaining a constant relationship with my friends is not that easy because we work at different companies. But I see to it that I invite them to a lunch out or dinner out every other month to catch up.

Some of my friends are on social media so I usually send them messages. Doing this gives us the sense of connectivity and we never lost touch even if we are hundreds (or thousands) of miles apart.

On marriage:
For having a great first wedding anniversary celebration

My husband and I arranged a trip to one of the most memorable places in our relationship. The place is not fancy (and we never were). It was just a place where my husband proposed so it has played a significant role in our lives. I guess we will be there from time to time to celebrate our engagement. ^_*

Taken from my husband's FB account

For having the best gift from God

We've been blessed with so many things but being married and wanting to have a family of our own is the best gift we have received from God. Need I say more? ^_^

On work:
For having a better work schedule

I have been praying and wanting a better schedule at work. Yes work is stressful but everything becomes manageable when schedule fits everybody. I am very thankful that I’ve been moved from a very stressful project to a light and manageable one.

For having the opportunity to work from home

The company I am working for allows us to work from home from time to time. And since we are having our little angel next year I may opt to work from home 2 days a week after my maternity leave. I have talked to my manager about the arrangement and he said “No problem.” I just hope everything goes according to plan.

On outdoor activities:

For the great out of town trips

I had a few out of town trips before we discovered that I am pregnant. However little out of town trips I had this year I made sure I enjoyed them. I had to let go of other scheduled trips but I am still thankful I was able to go out a few times.

Taken at Kawa-Kawa Hills

For the draining yet fulfilling bike rides

My husband and his friends are into bike rides so it’s but natural that I am into it too. I love outdoors and I grab every opportunity to go out. We had our biggest achievement this 2014 when we had our Rizal tour (from Taytay to Jala-Jala.) I just hope we can do it again and again and again. J

Taytay to Jala-Jala Ride. Needed to walk beacuse of heavy traffic.

For the mountains and great views

I love the mountains! I really do. And the spectacular views that come with hiking. I find relief every time my friends and I are climbing up. It gives me hope. It teaches me discipline. It shows me how little things I need in life to survive. But above all I really feel like I am on the top of the world at the peak. More mountains with our little one in the next few years.

Taken at one of the stops during our Timbak plus 4 lakes trip

On becoming a mum:
For my relatives who provided us tons of baby clothes and other paraphernalia for our little one

This is one of the many perks of being the youngest in the family. Our family provided us lots of goodies and stuff to help us in our journey towards parenthood. I am really thankful for everything! J

Clothes and other things. Almost ready.

For friends who continuously give me advise about pregnancy and parenting

I have a few sets of friends who are now mothers whom I sometimes (most of the times?) abuse because of the many questions I ask them. They really help me a lot in terms of adjusting to the new phase of womanhood. I just wish I can impart what I have learned to my other sets of friends when the right time comes.

For the encouragement of family and friends

Pregnancy is exciting at the same time scary for first time moms-to-be. The pain of giving birth crossed my mind at first and it disturbed me for several days (maybe even weeks.) When I confided to my friends they tell me not to think about it because the pain will be there. They say what I should think of right now is the joy after seeing our child. That’s what keeps me strong every single day. Today I am thinking about all the things that I can do with our child. J

For the new hope

Parenting can be a challenge but it also gives us hope. That there’s a life that depends on us now. That we should not live as two individuals but as one. That we will be bound by our child and other children to be. And the hope that there is always tomorrow. (So when I sucked today I can always make it up tomorrow. >.<)

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