Sunday, November 21, 2010

Going Back to the Basics

Most people think and act in complicated ways. Last week I was solving a math problem. I searched for formulas which I think can solve it. The formulas were so complicated and I ended up not solving the problem. And then I took a break and refreshed my mind. Then suddenly I realized I complicate things too much and forgot the basic equation.

That scenario can happen in real life especially in our finances. We think in complicated ways and we forget to stick with the basics. We want shortcuts. We want instant.

For example, a person wants to get rich. He wants it so bad that he is willing to do anything for it. Then a certain organization offers him answers to his quest and he agreed to be part of it. He sold things for the organization and earn a lot of money from it. He earned more than enough that he felt he was having so much and began spending the fortune. He spent so much and then one day he found himself back to square one.

What did he forget? Obviously, he forgot to save and invest. He was clouded by the emotion of having too much that he feels it is alright to spend too much also. He forgot the saying, “everything that goes up must come down.”

If you are at the peak of your career or starting to go to the top don’t forget about the basics. Save and invest for the future. And stay invested as long as you can.

~till then

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