Sunday, January 16, 2011

Toll Fees Up and Taxi Fare Hike

The first thing that I thought was “Ouch! Another series of service-fee hikes.”

Click here for news on Link here for Toll Fee hike and click here for taxi fare hike.

What does this imply to ordinary citizen like you and me?

Another tight budget for 2011!

So what shall we do?

Budget budget and budget.

Transportation doesn’t only affect commuters. It affects the prices of the products transported. A good example is the price of the fresh produce from Benguet and Batangas. Since the toll fee increases dramatically – meaning incerase in the total cost for dealers – the prices of these products will also increse. This increase will be passed on to the consumers. Hence the buying power of our peso will drastically decrease.

In line with this, here are some ways we are currently doing in order to lower the impact of the service-fee hikes.

Live near your workplace.

If you are currently renting and it requires you to commute to your workplace then better find a place near your workplace. Hence you save transportation cost. But be sure to compute the total cost of renting versus your current rent and the additional expense on transportation increase.

Walk walk and walk

Walking does not only save you some money it is also a great way to start your day. As they say, walking 30 minutes a day can lessen incidence of cancer, heart disease, stroke, diabetes and other killer diseases. They live longer and get mental health and spiritual benefits. Clicke here for the benefits of walking.

Schedule your trips

Scheduling your trip will save you a lot of money. Make sure to do errands in batches. For example, pay all your bills at the same day so you’ll save gas on the trip. You can also include a trip to the grocery after paying your bill. Just do things in a single trip.

Prepare a budget

Budgeting makes our lives easier. Make a budget every month and then track your expenses. This may sound tedious but if you will follow I’m sure you’ll monitor where your money goes.

Stick to the budget

The very essence of making a budget is to stick with it.

~Till then.

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