Tuesday, February 28, 2012

2012 Goals

I think we all knew about resolutions because we all formulate our resolutions every year. I ditch the idea of resolutions and replaced it with goals since I want to focus on achieving things and not just improving myself in some aspects of my life.

I want to share to you my goals and i hope this will inspire you to make your list also.

1. Open a dollar account. [Not feasible since dollar is declining]
2. Learn how to drive smoothly.
3. Get a passport.
4. Get a dental check up every 6 months.
5. Picnic date with Paul
6. Get a body scrub. (in a spa)
7. Ride a horse.
8. Buy paul a gift.
9. Travel to three (3) places.
10. Run a half marathon.
11. Publish 100 blogs
12. Update my wardrobe.
13. Donate blood.
14. Spend one Saturday in the office.
15. Sell my blackberry.
16. Surf in La Union/Baler.
17. Read a book every month.
18. Get a facial regularly.
19. Weigh 114lbs by December 2012. [Ha ha ha!]
20. Get a student license in April.

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