Thursday, February 23, 2012

Dream On

When I started attending a series of financial literacy seminars first thing that struck me was their tagline, "Financial independence is not a dream, it's a reality!"

All my life, no one told to me about financial independence and its importance to my life. So naturally I was taken aback when I first heard it.

First let us define financial independence. According to wikipedia, it is the state of having sufficient personal wealth to live independentlynwithout having to work activelyfor basic necessities. His only means that the tag line suggests that a person can accumulate wealth to sustain his needs. Only if he makes it a priority.

From that day on, I committed on making my dream a reality. The journey is not a joyride. Actually it is difficult. I have to learn how to restrain myself from buying and accumulating things. I have to immerse myself with books on personal finance. I have to take advices from different people, media, internet and bloggers. I need a total overhaul.

To this day i continue the discipline in handling my finances. I am more confident to talk about money now. I am more informed than before. I am able to foresee my future and can lay down financial plans easily. The seminars and the discipline are now bearing fruits. Everything is part of my system now.

I am confident that I can reach my target this year. And I am confident that I can exceed what is expected. Thanks to the community, now i can start "Dreaming on!"

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