Friday, June 10, 2011

30 things to do before I hit 30

Yey! I finally have my own list of 30 things to do before I hit 30. Will be updating this list ever now and then and let’s see how many can I accomplish.

Here’s my list:

1. Own a house. (In progress. But we are going there.)
2. Travel to 3 places in a year.
3. Climb a mountain every year.
4. Teach 100 people more how to save and invest.
5. Publish 1000 blogs. (173 as of 12/25/2012)
6. Grow my hair until my waistline. 
7. And then curl it
8. Get an iPad.
9. Go to Batanes.
10. Learn how to apply make up.
11. Frame my best shot.
12. Get a body scrub from a spa. (Even for once.)
13. Write a book.
14. A career in organizing and planning.
15. Spend more time with my niece.
16. Ride a horse.
17. Ride a Japanese bike.
18. Drive a car in EDSA.
19. Surf in La Union/Baler.
20. Count 1000 blessings in my life.
21. Get more personal with God.
22. Buy Paul an expensive gift.
23. Donate blood every 4 months or every 6 months.
24. Shower under the rain.
25. Organize a wedding.
26. Cook 100 different dishes.
27. Read a hundred books.
28. Spend more time alone and reflect.
29. Get a checking account.
30. Get married.

Note: First published 6/10/11

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