Monday, July 15, 2013

A Flower that Blooms

A few months after Paul and I lived in our tiny house, we knew we needed something to brighten up the mood around us. So we bought a few plants. Some have died some have flourished and hope others will continue to nourish.

I was so delighted when one day I saw a rose bud in our backyard. I never thought I could make a rose plant flower. Hurray Hurray! I think I like this new hobby of planting and propagating.

This also opens a new home project for me and I’m excited about it! Unfortunately I don’t usually own my Saturdays so I have to cramp all my planting activities on Sundays.

I’m still happy of my achievements and I know I’m going to look forward to planting and arranging our front yard and back yard. So cool to have a little garden of our own.

Till next time.^_^

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