Tuesday, September 24, 2013

How to get by with 150Php

Every working wife should know how to reduce expenses and increase savings.

As a part of everyday life, my husband and I are committed to reducing our expenses so that we can divert our hard-earned money to more satisfying experiences. We love to travel!

I am keeping my part of the deal by spending only 150Php a day. I know it would be a challenge since there are a lot of nice things a wife could think of. But since I have committed to help my husband build our “dream” house, then I also need to cut off unnecessary expenses. How I do it? Details are listed below.
  • The power of commute – I take the public transport every day. We could have afforded to buy a car but we are delaying it because we would like to invest our money to more important things. I am not saying that a car is not important. But in our case it is still manageable to commute. Daily commute – 80Php
  •  Lunch box – I work hard to really get something healthy so I opted to bring my own lunch. The fact that I know what’s inside my dish truly sets the standards. Daily expense – 0Php
  •  Avoid malls – Malls are there to temp me to spend. So as much as possible I stay away from malls. If there are times that I want to buy something, I deduct it from my monthly allowance.
  • Snacks – I usually have my fix by visiting the grocery store near my workplace. The fact that it is cheaper and I can get to choose what I want from a variety is a plus. Daily expense – I keep it under 50Php.
  • Coffee – I really don’t fancy coffee shops so I’m not spending much on this. We have a free flowing coffee in my workplace so I get my coffee from there. It’s still the same coffee anyway. J
After a day’s work, I get satisfaction from the fact that I spent less than 150Php. I know that I could use my money in buying our tickets to our next destination or experience something new. I could also save the money and give it to the needy when necessary.

Btw, don’t get me wrong. I also splurge money on my travels. So I get the reward of my sacrifices from time to time. Catch my travels and escapades here

Don’t forget to invest for the future also. Just don’t overdo it. It’s not hard to enjoy today at the same time prepare for the future. 

Till next time. ^_^

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