Wednesday, September 25, 2013

My Most Precious You-cannot-be-sick Fund

I don’t usually file for a sick leave unless I feel so terrible that going to the office feels tormenting. I feel like I lost more knowledge when I get absent so I better go to the office and maintain a solid knowledge base.

Not getting sick has benefits and one of them is my “You-cannot-be-sick” fund. I am expecting to receive it on November and I already have something in mind for that fund.

Nope I will not save it. Nope I will not invest it. Nope this will not go to my emergency fund.

This serves as my reward for not incurring absences so I better use it to buy what I want.

Yes, this is how I reward myself. And it works for me.

Paul will not have to worry about our finances because we have set aside ample amount every month to cover for needs and wants. And we have agreed that our bonuses will not be bounded by our house rules. It will be our own discretion if we will contribute it to the house fund or not.

It’s like saving my sick-fund every month then at the end of the Fiscal year the company gives it to the employee and do as they please. Hurray Hurray for a beautiful day! :D

Update: Sept 25, 2013: Forgive me because this is a late post. I already bought something from my "You-cannot-be-sick" fund.

Till then.^_^

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