Thursday, October 2, 2014

A New Fund to Try - Soldivo

I’ve received a text message from my Mutual Fund broker about the opening of Soldivo Funds on October 8, 2014. At first I was just thinking “Okay another fund to try.” But then it gets serious when one of my friends is willing to try it also. So we decided to place a small amount of money for the initial investment. I also plan to put additional investments monthly to take advantage of the peso cost averaging.

Anyway the fund we are going to open an account with is the SOLDIVO Strategic Growth Fund. Before deciding to put our money in it, I talked to my broker and asked questions below:

Minimum Initial Amount = P5000.00
Minimum additional = P1000.00
How much is the Entry Fee? Not more than 3.36%
How much is the Exit Fee? 1.12%
How long is the holding period? 6 Months
Partner bank for deposits or bills payment? BPI

They don’t have the online payment facility yet but I am hoping and praying and I am positive about it that they will make this improvement since it is easier for investors to just transfer funds online.

For now I am going to issue post-dated checks for my succeeding deposits. It’s much easier that way and of course this method forces me to set aside money.

For more information you can download the Prospectus of SOLDIVO Strategic Growth Fund here.

Happy Investing! J


  1. Hi Mileti,

    I'm residing overseas and I want to invest to Soldivo. What's the step and who do we contact.

    Thanks a lot.

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    2. Hi Ymed,

      You can contact my friend from Rampver Strategic Advisors. Her name is Crhtistina Rosales. She can help you.
      You can contact her thru Just tell her that I gave her email.

      Happy investing. :)

  2. Hi Milet! How can I invest in SOLDIVO Strategic Growth Fund? I'm a newbie in Mutual Funds investing. Thanks.

    1. Hi Brent. Please contact my friend from RSA. Her name is Christina Rosales. You can email her thru She is from Rampver Strategic Advisor (RSA). As far as I know RSA is the only distributor of Soldivo Funds. Just tell her Millette gave her contact details.

      Happy investing. =)