Thursday, October 30, 2014

Seeing the Fruits of our Labor

I have set up a personal fund (intended for educational fund for my future child) way back in 2009 when my salary was meager and just enough to get by. I am really happy I did because looking at the statement of account that was delivered to me last month (Yep! I just opened the mail today.) I am really delighted to see that my money produced money after 6 years.

Imagine, I started with 9Php per share and now it’s at 37Php. I am estimating an increase of 68% after 6 years. Banks could never beat that. Thank you so much PhilEquity. J


How I/we started
If I remember correctly, the last recession was 2008 and I started investing March 2009. Frankly speaking I am not a disciplined saver that time yet and I was just adding 1000Php every time I have extra. Would you believe until 2014 I did not put a regular amount on my PhilEquity account? Silly me.

For the past couple of years we put most of our hard-earned money in FAMI-SALEF. We withdrew some shares to fund our wedding and after that we began rebuilding the fund again. As of today I can say that we are almost at the same level as before (the wedding.) It’s not yet celebration time but we know we are getting there. ^_^

For 2015, we are planning to put more money on PhilEquity since according to our review it has the best performance among other mutual fund companies. And also, this is the fund dedicated for the education of our child and children to be (if we are that blessed) so we need to beef it up.

I will try my best to put a constant amount beginning January of 2015. All I need is a little dedication and an effective plan. I’ll just need to find the balance especially because we are going to have our little angel soon.

Till then. ^_^


  1. Wow, congrats to you! Seeing that your money has grown after 6 years must be very fulfilling. Mutual fund is part of my financial goals for 2015. I'm still undecided among Phil Equity, FAMI and Sun Life. :)

    1. Thanks Ms Edelweiza. I am really thankful that I have known Mutual Funds early on.

      Good luck on your 2015 Financial goals. I hope you choose what's best for you. As for me I have both FAMI and PhilEquity. Just keep in mind to always assess your inevstments periodically and strategize accordingly. ^_^

    2. Thanks, I'll keep those things in mind! :)