Tuesday, October 14, 2014

We were really into gardening lately...

I don’t usually complain about things but our backyard is really upsetting me lately. I told Paul about this few weeks ago and he agreed that we need to do something about it. So we scheduled a weekend to work on it.

Last weekend we bought some pole bamboos, some Bermuda grass and ornamental plants. We worked in the backyard all day just to finish the first phase. (Actually majority of the work was done by husband because I am not allowed to work much.)  Although we still have a long way to go, we are really pleased with what we see in our backyard today compared to how it was.

No Photo yet. Will update once backyard is okay.  J

My husband wants to have a zen inspired garden. And because of that I don’t have enough space to plant my herbs and vegetables. So the plan is to plant in containers/pots. I’ve read about container gardening in other blogs and I am really excited about the idea.

As of writing I have 2 pots of ginger, 1 pot of onions, 4 pots of onion leaves and 1 pot of dill (needs to be replanted). I also have pandan planted on the ground. I am looking forward to planting some pepper, potatoes, sweet potatoes and other vegetables.



Onion Leaves

It is really a challenge having so little space for planting. But I am grateful because with the space that we have we are learning how to manage everything. We keep things simpler today and we try to learn about plants every day.

That’s it for today. We will share more about our progress on the next coming weeks. J


  1. I want to do some gardening at home, too. However, our current living arrangement doesn't allow it. I actually dream of owning a farm house where I can grow my own food! Just the other day I asked my FIL to regrow some leeks for me from the leeks I bought from the supermarket. Hope it lives! :)

    1. Hi Ms Edelweiza,

      You can actually plant on some pots and place them by the window if you do not have a lot. I am also dreaming of a farm house where I can plant all kinds of vegetables. However since I am working full time I may not manage that at this time. For now, I am setting that goal as part of my retirement plan.

      Let's keep a positive vibe and hope that everything will happen soon. ^_^