Saturday, May 14, 2011

Membership Rewards

I have recently claimed my Globe reward points and converted it to SM Advantage Card (SMAC) points. My Globe reward points reached 652 points - more than enough to convert it to 500 SMAC points.

Well 500 points is not easy to accumulate. For members to have a point, 200Php must be spent at their establishments and partners. I only earn an average of 5 points a month since we are keeping our grocery expenses low. We don’t buy a lot of things and most of the time we go to the market (palengke) first before going to the mall lowering our overall cost. Another reward I get is if I use my eco-friendly bag, I can get additional two points. Sweet huh? J

My 500 SMAC points is equivalent to 500Php and can buy me goods worth the same amount. I am saving it for Christmas so that we can have a good meal for the festive season.

~Till then.

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