Monday, May 16, 2011

Money and Happiness

Financial literacy is important to all and I think should be taught in school, not just in the house.

One of the questions I always encounter when teaching about personal finance is, “Are you still enjoying your life?”

Many would agree that their view on saving money is equivalent to giving up nicest things in their lives. It means they will live with lower budget, lower-end life style, no more clubbing or expensive vacations and the like.

I always tell them, “I enjoy the best things in life and at the same time not sacrificing my future.”

Enjoying doesn't mean you have the latest fashion statements in your wardrobe, the latest gadget from Apple, going to the latest club nor having an expensive vacation in a secluded island.

Enjoying life for me means I get the best of nature with a fraction of the cost – that’s why we have a mountaineering club in the office. It means communicating with my family and friends all over the world and cherishing every moment with them – that’s why we have cell phones and social networking sites. It means laughing out loud when the situation permits. It means crying my heart out at times when I am upset. It means meeting my goals physically, emotionally, financially and most important of all spiritually. These kinds of enjoyment don’t require a lot of money. They don’t rob me like a bandit.

Yes, money is important. But if you put a price tag in your happiness then something is wrong with your mindset. The happiest people in the world don’t have the “best” things. They simply enjoy the things they have and make the most out of them. Simplicity is the key.

~Till then

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