Sunday, May 1, 2011

Complaining is for Losers

It has been proven that people are never satisfied. We always want more if we can squeeze more. We always want the best. But after achieving the best we see another best and want to have that too.

Same is true when it comes to finances – especially employees. Employees want to have the best things – best salary and the best benefit. As much as possible they don’t want to compromise. Well I guess that’s human nature – always wanting for more.

I had this encounter with a friend, whom I will call Peter, where I was made to answer an intimidating question. We were inside a bus together with another friend. The other friend I will call Jay. Jay asked me if our salary has been given. I said yes. I also said it already includes our mid-year bonus, transportation allowance and meal allowance for the month of April. Then Peter suddenly mocked us if our salary is good enough. He said this with sarcasm. I calmly answered him, “Yes, it’s good enough for me. Actually I was able to save and invest more this year regardless of how low my income is.” From then on he shut his mouth and went to sleep.

I went to a deep thought and asked myself why this man reacted that way when it comes to salary. I’ve known him from day 1 but I never imagined him reacting that way when it comes to money matters. Maybe he has money problems and his salary is not enough to suffice his wants and needs. Maybe he is stuck in the same company without career growth. I don’t know. I don’t want to make further hypotheses about him. I knew he needs some guidance in handling money matters but he is the kind of person who never listens.


The company you are working for will never give you all that you wanted. It will never give who what you always wanted. But this should not hinder you to find creative ways how to satisfy your wants and your needs. We should not always resort to complaining because complaining is for losers. You cannot change the company but you can change your attitude towards it. If you are not satisfied with your salary, talk to your boss and express yourself in a professional manner. If the company doesn’t give what you’re asking for then find other ways how to create money.

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