Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Lessons from the Bees at Work

We were fortunate to see some few hundred gigantic sunflowers in the University of the Philippines – Diliman Campus. They were so enormous that the circumference of palm, including my fingers can fit into the core of the flower.

What caught my eyes were the bees buzzing from flower to flower doing their chores to balance nature.

Pollination is 80% done by bees while the other 20% is done by butterflies and other insects.

Looking at the bees, I was able to learn three things from them.

1. Bees get out of their comfort zone.

Their hive can be a few hundred kilometres away from the sun flowers. Despite the distance they go to the campus to get some nectar for their queen. They didn’t mind travelling that far. They didn’t mind the pollution. Once they get there, they work as hard as they could.

2. Bees work until the job is done.

Bees can be called one of the hard-working insects. They gather nectar or pollen depending on the demand. They go from flower to flower until they are full and ready to go home.

3. They don’t mind distractions.

Bees have extreme focus. I, myself, am a distraction when I took pictures of them. They didn’t mind me. They went on. If they got irritated by my perseverance they move on to the next flower away from me. They didn’t lose focus. They knew what they have to do and did exactly as what the job requires.

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