Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 Looking Back

2010 has been a fruitful year because of the many blessing that came my way. I had lots of grabbed opportunities, gained great friends, saved more than what I’m supposed to save, learned more lessons and played more games.

I cannot count all the blessings I received this year but I can enumerate some.

First and foremost, I thank the Lord for the great health of my niece. I know mama and papa are watching over you little Cata. Stay healthy, eat well and be happy. If God permits, I will give you a poodle soon.

Next, I want to thank the Lord for the great wisdom about finances. Through this wisdom I was able to set-up a great foundation this year. Greater than what I had last year. I hope everything goes according to plan. If not, I know that You have another plan and Your will be done.

I want to thank my friends for the gift of friendship. Friends don’t have to be together all the time. They just have to connect and update every now and then. They don’t have to give gifts. Because true friendship blossoms even without the icings of the cake.

I also want to thank the not so friendly acquaintances. You taught me a good lesson about life: that everybody has to experience a little dose of you to be good on relationships. Great lessons are learned from bad experiences they say. And I owe you these lessons.

~Till then.

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