Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Three Ways to Give Tithes

I was once a non-believer on tithes. Why? Because I was raised to give but a lot lesser. I am not saying that my parents were not great. Actually they were great. They taught us to fight life and not to be dragged by life where ever it wanted us to be. But the thing is, they did not have the proper wealth attitude. And that I want to change.

If you want to experience abundance in life you should start to learn to give without expecting anything in return. For truly rich (from Bro Bo Sanchez) people give more.

1. Give to the Church.

It is stated in the Old Testament that we should give 10% of our income to the church. But in the New Testament we were asked to give according to our heart’s desire. So follow your heart. The heart of abundance gives more for he experiences and wants to share prosperity in life.

2. Give to family.

Giving to family should not be an obligation. It should be given in our hearts’ content. Giving to the family gives us the joy of paying back what they have given to us.

3. Give to your favorite charity

If you have a favorite charity or organization, make it a habit to give donations and financial support because these charities are run through the support of other people.

~Till then.

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