Saturday, April 30, 2011

Worst Sales Talk

I’ve been talking to a lot of sales person because I want to get the best deal. And you know what? It pays to speak to no less than 3 before deciding to purchase.

There are good sales persons and there are not so good ones also. One of the not so good experiences I had was when a sales person tries to lure me to having a credit card. I’ve been asked loads of times to have one but I refused because honestly I don’t use it.

The call center representative called my personal number and asked me a lot of questions confirming my identity. When he was satisfied he told me that I’ll be receiving a privilege card. I asked what a privilege card is and he told me that it’s actually a credit card. He told me that the first annual fee will be waived and nothing will be charged as long as I accept the offer. I rejected the offer and explained to him my reasons. He insisted the card but I patiently explained my side. The worst thing he told me, just so I’ll accept the card, is that I can use it as a decoration in my wallet. I wanted to laugh out loud but I couldn’t. I was inside the office. That’s the worst sales talk I’ve ever heard.

How about you? Do you have an experience similar to mine?

~Till then.

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