Tuesday, May 1, 2012

How I made my first 100 Thousand Pesos?

I was searching for some files in my laptop when suddenly I encountered a list of blog articles that I should do (in the future.)
The title above caught my attention so I decided to do it right away.
At my age (I’m already 27), a woman who has not yet reached this stage (having 100k) is surely going through some struggle with her finances. Shoot! Compare yourselves to me because I am just an average lady who works for an average company that gives an average salary. I have not gone abroad to work (nor was sent by the company for an onshore task.)
Fortunately, with my passion to become a winner, I strived hard to achieve where I am today in terms of finances. 
My first hundred thousand was a no joke. I had to follow a lot of rules, curb my longing for fabulous things and incline on simpler so as not to stress me to my road to true riches. 
How I did it?
  1. I first implanted a vision that I am holding a hundred thousand pesos. I pictured myself smiling while holding the money. (Of course you should be happy.) 
  2. Then I drew out a plan together with my mentors. They showed me how to do it the right way. Slowly but surely they said.
  3. After planning, I needed to execute it. I needed to save a constant amount each month. And so I did.
  4. Then sustaining it is the most crucial thing. You have to be addicted to the feeling that it’s good saving money. You have to feel the pleasure in between the pain. You have to know that sacrificing at an early age will yield a better result in the future.
After a few months I realized I was rhythmically in sync with the habit. And then a few months later I already have a few thousands. The story goes until I had my first hundred thousand. 
Was it hard? Yes, at first. But you’ll get there in no time. It’s never too late. Start saving and investing today!

I am now looking at my first million. Hmmm.. Sounds great isn't it?:)
~Till then.

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