Saturday, May 19, 2012

Owning a Car

People at my age are now considering buying their own car rather than taking the public transport. Of course it is understandable that we want a comfortable life. Who wouldn’t want to be on time at work or at other appointments? 
I was thinking of buying my own car also but the expenses after the ticket price are disappointing me. The price of gasoline keeps on rising. The maintenance cost is too expensive. The parking fee is also high. And I don’t have my own house yet. Moreover, the Philippine traffic is extremely stressful for me to handle aside from the fact that MMDA personnel are NOT honest sometimes. (Should I say most of the times?)
Anyway, Paul and I decided to delay the car purchase until we have enough cash to pay for it. And we don’t see it as a need since our respective offices are just near where we live. I just suggested buying a car so that we can go to any place we want at any given time. I realized if that thing happens I will be spending more money on travel. That’s the least thing I want to do today.
I guess this is not yet the proper time. Maybe next year or the year after.

~Till then.

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