Saturday, May 12, 2012

You Don’t have to be Rich to Travel the Philippines

I am a blogger and a traveler and I know most of my friends would consider me as an expensive junkie who lurks in the depths of the mountain spending my hard-earned moolah for nothing but the pleasure of lying under the trees, sipping coffee and eating roasted marshmallow for midnight snack.
Well part of the statement above was true but not all. 
I am not as expensive as what they think.
My travels and adventures are pocket-friendly. They don’t require my whole bank account. They just get a portion of my travel fund. =)
Let me share to you what we do in order to have the best and most affordable travel experience.

1. Plan ahead
It’s always great to plan ahead. You will have time to research about the place and set a reasonable budget for the trip. 

2. Travel with a group
Greatest advice ever! (Well unless you really love traveling alone.) If you travel with a group of people the cost will be spread out and will be divided among the participants. Hence it becomes cheaper for everybody. Note: We always travel with no less than 20 people. Pretty large I know.

3. Have a budget and stick to it
If you plan to spend a thousand for your food then better stick to it. Buy your miriendas at the grocery stores even before going on a trip. If it is the fare that concerns you, better research on how much the base fare in the area first and decide whether to commute or hire a vehicle to tour you around. (Sometimes we prefer to walk to save money.)

4. Never underestimate a seat sale
Its fun booking seat sales especially during holidays and weekends. As long as my year is not yet full, I book seat sales for me and my friends. As of today I allow myself to travel to three local destinations via plane (everything via seat sale).

5. Gather information about the place for your itinerary
I am always tasked to research about the next destination and arrange several things before disclosing to my friends where the next destination is. I usually visit a few sites, do a few calls and set the budget for it. Then we publish the event together with the itinerary and the budget and everything follows. (Thanks to social media.)

~Till then.

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