Friday, May 25, 2012

Setting Up Priorities

Doing personal finance is a tough task. You have to practice what you preach because people will watch you closely. 

Before telling the whole world you are doing personal finance you have to set up your priorities first. 

What do I mean? 

People will ask you why you are doing what you are doing right now. If you don’t have a solid foundation you will actually doubt yourself and go back to the usual you. And that’s called a financial suicide.

When someone asks you, “Why are you saving and investing?”, don’t just tell them “Because someone told me to do so.” Rather go back to your values and priorities in life and tell him how much they mean to you.

People have different priorities. Some prioritize saving for retirement, some save for a house and lot or a car and others save for travel. Whatever reason we have, we need to learn how to respect each other and look at our priorities only and not compare it with anyone else. 

~Till then

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